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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bishop of Worcester please hear this!

High Mass at St Hilda's, Prestwich, Manchester
Last night on Newsnight there was a report on the upcoming women bishop vote. Liz MacKean was travelling around the diocese of Worcester and went between those in favour and those against the idea. When she asked the Bishop of Worcester about it, he said he was all in favour but hoped that those "with difficulties" could be given some space. The point here is that those of us who are for the traditional catholic understanding of the faith do NOT have difficulties. We are quite aware of what we believe, how we have come to faith and what that faith means to us.

Now, there are some who think and believe differently. That's fine. I don't suppose the bishop thinks he has "difficulties". In fact, he thinks the Holy Spirit has this marked out as a priority. No, what the bishop is alluding to is that we can't accept this innovation as being valid with either scripture or tradition. Therefore, unless proper provision is given to traditionalists, any "respect" will be worthless. No priest who believes in the doctrine of St Vincent of Lerins, that of "Quod ubique, quod semper, quod ab omnibus" - i.e. everywhere, always and by all, can give an oath of canonical obedience to a female prelate.

A group calling themselves Affirming Catholicism thinks it is perfectly OK to swear such an oath even with gritted teeth, just so the priest can be left to his own devices at other times. This group seems to affirm much but not catholicism.

We are not asking for anything other than our own integrity to be valued and respected. Just as we should honour and respect those we disagree with. It is our baptism that unites us, that Unites all Christians. So I say to the Bishop of Worcester. No difficulties unless you want to place hurdles and hoops in the way of respect of integrity.


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