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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Blasphemy in Pakistan

Christian girl Rimsha escorted to safety
Christianity in Pakistan has a long and enduring history, but it has been difficult for believers. At best one gets a sniff of approval as being some sort of accepted citizen. At worst, life is a living hell. A court in Pakistan has dropped a controversial blasphemy case against a Christian girl accused by her neighbour of burning pages from the Koran. The neighbour was apparently an imam who is himself now facing a case for allegedly planting evidence. All this has taken a long time to sort out. Thankfully the Pakistani authorities have seen some sort of light and acted accordingly. They now need to sort out the rogues and vagabonds roaming around shooting those they disagree with. The Taliban in Pakistan is a ruthless gang. Shooting and maiming Malala Yousufzai, a 15-year old Pakistani education campaigner is just one example of their barbarity. Pakistan has been duly shocked. The authorities now need to revisit the blasphemy laws and also rein in the self-appointed arbiters of justice and moral behaviour.

Standing up for Christ in Pakistan is a very hard business. It might have been nice if the Church of England had voiced its support a bit louder. Nothing on the official website but I have heard muted tones in defence of the family.

Christians know they may be targets of abuse or denigration by the outside world. Dominical teaching tells us so. But it's all the more harder when people who profess Christianity do not aid those in need.


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