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Saturday, October 14, 2006

More nonsense from nasty people

Well, it just carries on, doesn't it. A teacher at a school, who agreed not to wear the veil in class, now complains about being victimised because she changed her mind. Seeing her on TV tonight I'm very much of the opinion that the kids in her care would be taken aback by this image of mock piety. Whatever her own beliefs tell her, being truthful appears not high on the list! She should grow up and be adult enough to understand that teaching children in an English school requires at least the minimum that you can feel at ease with the teacher. Not seeing her face would be very upsetting indeed! And the school said they would be quite happy for her to walk about veiled in any other part of the building. Compromise at its best. Sadly lost on this provocative lass!

In another school nonsensical episode, in fact, rather sinister, a boy of ten was excluded from his school's dining hall because he came with the "wrong kind of food". His head teacher, of the Blairite fascist tendency no doubt, a certain Malcolm Goddard (however did he get to be a head teacher?) said "We take healthy eating very seriously and everyone is aware of our new policy. A lunch was brought in which was not in keeping with our new guidelines and the pupil was given the chance to have his dinner outside the hall with supervision".

What did the poor boy bring? Fromage frais, cake and cheese biscuits. May not be right at the top of the healthy pole but it won't kill him. The boy was distressed. What a cruel man you are, Malcolm Goddard, another of this country's new fascists, prowling around causing such hurt. Couldn't you have been a little less the zealot and more the caring professional?

With "diversity training" a new fad for companies (it means getting on with, and knowing about, people you may have conscientious disagreement with), those who tread a non-political correctness path are likely to be got at. So it is with Nadia Eweida, a Coptic Christian, who wears a small cross around her neck. She also works for British Airways. The Customer Services manager, another signed-up jobsworth, Ms Caroline Girling, wrote to Miss Eweida saying "You have been sent home because you failed to comply with a reasonable request. You were asked to cover up or remove your cross and chain which you refused to do" See, another of the politically correct zealots at it again. Quite rightly, Miss Eweida is challenging Ms Girling's nonsensical request. Ms Girling allows other religious "expressions" and no sensible person is going to go balmy or mad or angry at the sight of a BA person in a hijab, turban or whatever.

I say get a life Ms Girling and don't make BA look so foolish!


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