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Friday, May 27, 2005

Too Many Disability Bays?

On a trip to Redditch I was quite surprised to see the Kingfisher shopping centre car park providing complete floors to disabled drivers. Bay after bay and only two cars on one floor! Now I'm the first to support measures for assisting disabled people to have better lives but I have a hunch the authorities have either no clue or overcompensate in case of possible legal action. This sloppy approach allows able-bodied people to feel that they are being inadequately catered for. Does the entrance gate with its computerised system detect whether a driver is disabled or not? What happens when all the non-disabled bays are used up and a poor hapless driver is tempted to park in a disabled bay? Are they clamped and charged the earth to be set free? Perish the thought!

The same thing happens in supermarket car parks. In my local Sainsbury's car park there are vast numbers of disabled bays, with 4x4's, Land Rovers, etc, in some of them. I see a lot of very able-bodied people getting out! Also, the infirm and elderly are brought to the supermarket in council run mini-buses! The whole thing causes abuse of the system by people's natural annoyance at the lack of sympathetic thinking by those in authority.

Who is co-ordinating all this. One wonders!

Baywatch Campaign is an organisation that cares about this, but seems to asume all the abuse is from able-bodied drivers. What about the clueless powers that be?


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