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Monday, July 18, 2005

Is air conditioning all hot air?

Britain has never been a country that is naturally at ease with creature comforts. As Kenneth Williams' postman character said, commenting on Tony Hancock's use of affectation, "middle class decadency, I call it!" Well, with regard to the rather hot spell our summer is experiencing of late, air conditioning is something that appears not to be welcomed by the tight-wads operating our corporate accounts offices! Sitting in cool rooms - now that would be decadent!

It is somewhat surprising that the "sheds", those warehouse wonderlands of DIY improvement, are offering all manner of inducements to BUY air conditioning units of all shapes and sizes but don't have it installed in their own buildings. Wandering around one at the weekend was a fairly unpleasant experience. How they work in there I do not know! I came out feeling all clammy and hot.

The only building I have been into that has air conditioning was the doctor's surgery, and the unit was not that big so couldn't have been very expensive. Obviously he didn't want patients keeling over before he saw them! But everyone was pleased it was there.

The UK tends to have more hot days than most people think. The trouble is they are not linked together in weeks, so a day here and there gives the impression of not requiring any change. Maybe we'll have to wait until global warming really does send the thermometer through the roof!


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