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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Good Grades? Well Executed!

The United States has a wonderful sense of instant friendliness and family bonding. Visits to people are open and welcoming. But just like all countries in the world, there are downsides. The one downside I feel infects this American ability to promote relationships is their attitude to punishment and justice.

There has never been in the United States proper civilised justice. From the Salem witch trials, to the lynchings of the South, the farce of the OJ Simpson trial (more box office than courtroom justice!) to the shame of Guantanomo Bay! Justice is always battling hard against Revenge.

A jury in the US state of Virginia has decided that a man with learning difficulties on death row is intelligent enough to be executed. This just shows the minds of the legislators and jurists! Pondering over the minutiae of execution methods and who is suitable for the sentence. A far cry from the Sermon on the Mount! What if the Disciples had discussed this in the way it is in the USA? America is a "religious" country but not necessarily a Christian one.

Most death row inmates are people with mentally retarding problems. Most Americans have an ostrich-like approach to the subject. They want a religion that makes one happy, gives status, and raises money for charitable causes. They are decidly uncomfortable when asked direct questions about the "wretched" in society.

Daryl Atkins has just passed the test. His IQ is good enough for him to be put to sleep! A bit like a sick dog at the vets. I know he did wrong and a prison sentence is correct! But killing does no good and has no effect on future crimes by others. It only serves to give a "feelgood factor" to "ordinary Americans"!

Pontius Pilate had doubts about execution! A pity the jury in Virginia held such rigid views!



While the official religion of the USA might be Christiantity, the unofficial one is Americanism. I think Americanism has reached the point where it could be classified as a religion. Their god is Uncle Same and instead of striving to be a good Christian they strive to be a good American.

The war on terror is really a religious war between Islam and Americanism. :D

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