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Sunday, August 21, 2005

It's A Crazy World!

Last Monday, at the Magistrates Court in Ormskirk, Lancashire, a convicted arsonist, who has a penchant for setting cars alight, escaped a court order banning her from carrying matches or a cigarette lighter because she had a "human right" to smoke and a ban would have infringed her rights! She was banned from carrying lighter fuel, however! Small comfort for those who are fearful for their cars' safety.

The 23-year old woman's solicitor, in pleading her case in front of the magistrates, successfully argued that her civil liberty would be curtailed. "There are human rights issues. This lady is a smoker. Is she not allowed to smoke in a public place?"

Human rights seem to be cast a bit wide these days in England! It all goes to make the law an ass and those involved with the criminal justice system look decidedly stupid. Let's hope the woman isn't too careless when she next lights up in a public place! A dropped match might cause any amount of damage.

But the craziest thing here is that an arsonist is a bit like an alcoholic. If she sees a nice car in need of a good roasting, having matches on her person will ably assist the temptation! And what about the car owner's "human rights"? Someone should test those in Ormskirk Magistrates Court!


Oh my god...THAT is insanity...

People are REALLY pushing their civil liberties these days.

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