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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Happy Birthday, Prince Harry!

Today is Prince Harry's birthday and the British press is awash with the details of the interviews that he has given. A modern day prince is at the mercy of the press, as is anybody they feel needs commenting on. Nearly all the papers appear surprised that he should have such a good opinion of the Duchess of Cornwall, who has herself been traduced mercilessly by the hacks. (Remember Spitting Image's depiction of a Fleet Street reporter as a pig wearing a trilby hat with a betting slip stuffed in the hatband?)

Camilla Parker-Bowles, as she was, has been given the step-mother from hell treatment. Actually, she is good fun and has a personality capable of showing affection and concern for others. Hopefully Harry has dispelled the nasty remarks. What the hacks don't seem to appreciate is that Diana's sons can love their father's wife for being a "wonderful woman" who made Prince Charles "very, very happy". "William and I love her to bits. To be honest with you, she's always been very close to me and William... but no, she's not the wicked stepmother. I'll say that right now." So there we have it, straight from the prince's mouth. No ambiguity there!

And he was quite right to say that his relationship with his girlfriend was a private matter! It seems the press is always keen to know of other people's goings-on which is why we are apparently so obsessed with soap stars and footballers' wives!

Thank goodness we have two princes who have common sense and generous hearts!



I like Prince Harry, he's a breath of fresh air. Incidently, his real name is Henry but he doesn't like the name.

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