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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

No Brownie Points for Bush!

The trouble with putting your friends in jobs that they are not suited for is that time has a terrible way of paying you back! Bush probably had no cause to think that his pal Michael "Brownie" Brown would screw up on the job in the role as director of FEMA. But then he never thought a huge hurricane would ever hit the southern shores!

The euphemism for these job placements is "political appointee" which just about sums it all up. The American press has done a good job in alerting Americans to the problems that these placemen and women can create.

The disaster here was that Brown had given the impression he knew about disaster management. The truth is nearer to the fact that he was only a minor player in the handling of the handling of disasters. That is a disaster in its own right!


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In a funny way it is related. Brownie used to be in charge of the International Arabian Horse Association! and lost that job!


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