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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

We must rid our country of the Dictator Blair!

I have just seen distressing scenes of an elderly man being manhandled, bullied, and finally ejected by the goons that New Labour employs as "security staff" at its Conference which purports to represent democracy! Heckling is banned! Democratic rights are impugned! The elderly man said "Jack has his right to speak. I have mine". This cut no ice with the overweight bullies, but this degrading scene, shown on BBC News24 and probably to be repeated during today, highlights most graphically the rapid descent into a control freak society for all of us, dominated by the twisted minds of people like Alastair Campbell who have manipulated Blair since day one of his premiership!

Today, North Wales police are investigating Blair for his vulgar use of expletives aimed at the Welsh! Is it any wonder people are wanting to heckle. George Brown, Michael Foot, and Harold Wilson all knew heckling was pat of the democratic process. Heckling is a democratic freedom. But not in Blair's controlled fantasyland! He lets the Iraqis have heckling, but not ageing Labour supporters! What a hypocrite!

He should go now and let someone more civilised take over!



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