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Monday, December 12, 2005

Saving the Planet?

Being down with the flu, like I've been, makes it easy to listen to radio bulletins about the news. Yesterday's oil blaze (thought to be the largest in Europe since WW2) puts the agreement in Montreal into perspective. Great clouds of billowing oil gases and vapours swept up into the air and hung over a large part of England as if a message from on high!

However, this accidental pollution is only a fraction of the daily amounts of toxic and unpleasant stuff shoved into the atmosphere. George Bush gets his stooge, Harlan Watson (a man so much in denial it's untrue!) to keep up the softly softly approach, whilst all about him should tell him the world's under threat. Tony Blair, in his usual "kick it into the long grass" mentality, said the deal was a "vital next step in tackling climate change. Of course it is only a beginning but it is important and demonstrates why it is always worth engaging with America and the rest of the world." All meaningless twaddle, as the next iceflow leaves Antarctica.

Bill Clinton, speaking off the cuff, made Harlan Watson see sense, and the White House look a little more riduculous, saying "There is no longer any serious doubt that climate change is real, accelerating and caused by human activities. If the USA had a serious, disciplined effort to apply on a large scale existing clean energy and energy conservation technologies... we could meet and surpass the Kyoto targets easily in a way that would strengthen, not weaken, our economies."

Bush and his cronies are in some kind of fantasy world. The real world is under threat. The latest problem is that Arctic orcas have become highly contaminated with toxic chemicals. Killer whales - or orcas, as they are sometimes known - have overtaken polar bears at the head of the toxic table. George Bush, as a born-again Christian, has an odd way of relating to his role in the world. "See no horrors, speak no horrors, keep my head in the sand", seems to be the mantra! Well, we now seem to be waiting around for the Bush administration to go, because the world won't get any better until they do!



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