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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Policeman's Lot Is...Clearing Up The Mess!!

What a carry on! Clarke can't count, can't ask proper questions, and can't read what's put in front of him. As the tally of foreign criminals committing new offences goes on, he stands firm in his belief that only an incompetent is fit to rectify his mistakes. If everyone else was given so much leeway where would that put employment figures? "Sorry no jobs going. All filled by people trying to rectify their mistakes! Wait till the firm collapses. You might get lucky with the administrators!"

So Jo Public has to live with the thought that if he gets thumped in the night, or, heaven help us, murdered then we can expect no real forensic study in solving the situation and preventing a further catastrophe. Has Charles Clarke given the wretched police officers searching for the 38 "missing" foreigners anything other that a piece of blank paper?

If he doesn't know where they are, how certain is he that Osama Bin Laden is not residing in South Kensington, or anywhere else. Perhaps he's in Norwich posing as an Old Labour voter! Charles Clarke can't definitely say he's not here. Bin Laden is after all a "missing foreigner" so where is he?

Useless - the lot of them. Anyone reading this from outside the UK should know that a pantomime is playing in London. It's not a comical one, but seriously tragic!!

From the BBC -
Some 38 out of the 79 most serious offenders - including killers, rapists and violent offenders - have not been accounted for.



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