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Monday, July 24, 2006

The Book That Tells It As It Was/Is!!

Anthony Blair, Captain of School. This book is great! Read it and weep! (with either laughter or sadness!)

"Anthony Blair, or Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, to give the hero of our story his full name, was a boy of sunny disposition. A ready smile played around his mouth as he squinted into the mirror of the third class compartment he had occupied alone for the past hour. At fourteen he already cut a manly figure. On the platform where he changed trains, he had thanked the porter politely for carrying his trunk and tipped him half a crown. ‘You are a proper young gentleman and no mistake,’ the porter replied with a beam of satisfaction so transparent that Blair immediately wondered whether he had been over-generous. Perhaps a real gentleman would have given just a shilling, or even sixpence?"

European Tribune - "It's wonderfully illustrated with Edwardian-style drawings by David Alan Hopkins, it's howlingly funny - with an underlying note of seriousness. And, by the time you've read Anthony Blair Captain of School, you'll have gained a little more insight into who the little chappie is."


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