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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday Woes!

It's Wednesday. Woden's Day! I awoke listening to the radio and a Government minister weasling on about pensions. A man had previously been on saying he had expected a pension of £25,000 per annum not £25 per week! He had paid in. It was his crooked employers who had not! This racket is going on daily and the Government has no real answers. They should strike off all these incompetent directors!

Will Hay said in one of his films "These prison walls are not to keep you in, they're to keep the riff-raff out!" I'm beginning to think there's an element of truth in that. Recently, a bank official in Edinburgh was jailed for fiddling his accounts. He seemed to have a good brain. How about putting him to work on the pensions crisis and let the riff-raff do work where they can't interfere with the contributions they were supposed to be handling!

The Government is now saying that pupils will no longer have to be taught the difference between "right and wrong" under draft plans put forward by England's exams regulator. Instead, 11 to 14-year-olds should learn the importance of "secure values and beliefs", the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority says. Secure values and beliefs!! That's a bit rich. The Government itself has never had secure values or beliefs. If it had they would not have spent the last nine years spinning, obfuscating, and generally using weasel words.

I can think of Joyce Grenfell saying "Children! Right and wrong is no more. What is it, George? Yes, dear! You spin your way out of trouble, you obfuscucate....obfuscate, Lucy, er, not saying what you mean.... and you use weasel words whenever you can!"

Life under New Labour! Isn't it great? Oh, and with a national debt of £1000 billion to add to it all!


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