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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Heavens Above - Not 'Arf!

Not long ago I saw a copy of the Daily Mail with an article about performers and artistes residing in a retirement home. Alan "Fluff" Freeman was a resident. I was both saddened to see him as an old man, but pleased that he appeared happy. I for one will always remember Alan Freeman as the man who made the Top 40 something to wait for every Sunday night. He rattled through the list without ever fluffing his lines it seemed. Maybe he did, but he made 45rpm records into a must have item.

Now it's all so very different. Are there any Pop Pickers left? Downloads and ipods, you tube and mobiles! Fluff was a one-off. He didn't copy anyone but himself. Another Australian import that the Brits took to their hearts. Well done, mate! You did well, not 'arf.


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