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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Swings for Security?

So Saddam Hussein is dead. I would like to think that this will draw a line under all the violence, squabbling and animosity, but I tend to doubt it. Even the "moderate" Arabs that Blair and Bush talk about feel it will be a hard struggle. By this time next year it could well be exactly the same.

Saddam Hussein was a dead man the moment he was found in that foxhole. Whether it be at the hands of a judicial hanging or of the mob, he would never have survived. My feelings are that it was better this way. Otherwise we could well have witnessed a kind of Mussoloni end. Humanity can get to be very low on occasions. Bush got his way, rather like a gamekeeper despatching a sickly pheasant, except that Bush was asleep in bed at the time.

Most Americans will not be phased by this. After all, their state killing facilities are up and running and still despatching the weak, the wicked, and the wretches of society. My problem with the "death penalty" is that it allows for no rehabilation back into society. It also has a God-like approach to salvation. If Saddam faced this "penalty" what of the rest of us. Are we going to float off into oblivion, or are we true to our Faith. For those that have no faith or profess the non-existence of a deity, then it definitely is all over when the fat lady sings.

I get the impression that, instead of trying to seek out the lost sheep and bring them home, a lot of people would prefer to set the ravening wolves on them. "Look, Lord, this is the way to round up lost sheep!"

When Idi Amin was being labelled a tyrant, one bishop, whose name I can't remember, pointed out that if Amin had got down on his bended knees to seek forgiveness, then the message of the Christian gospel was that we should forgive. It seems this is the hardest thing for people to accept.


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