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Friday, March 09, 2007

Guardian Gets Grumpy - scientifically

Last night Channel 4 broadcast a programme called the Great Global Warming Swindle in which loads of eminent professors and the like spoke out against what they saw as the dodgy science, and more importantly, the political shinanigans of the doom and gloom merchants. Now the Science Editor of the Guardian retorts to all this. Robin McKie is the editor in question. Robin, old dear, you are telling porkies yourself!

McKie suggests that "Given that the world's climatologists have just published a careful, sober report showing global warming is real and worrying, the programme is an astonishing foray into the debate." Which climatologists, Robin? The one's that support your views only, that's what. Those that don't, well some of them appeared on the programme. McKie's statement is pejorative! He then says, "To back his case, director Martin Durkin interviews climate-change deniers including Phillip Stott, Piers Corbyn, Nigel Calder and Nigel Lawson who reveal their antipathy to the idea we are altering Earth's weather systems." Robin, they didn't deny climate change, they denied that industrial carbon dioxide emissions were the prime cause. But don't let that ruin your story!

Lefty fascists like McKie are prepared to distort and lie in order to promote the zealot-like cause they are promoting. I watched the programme. It had some interesting points. Now I don't know if the warming is natural or whatever. The points raised seemed really worth considering, not dismissing out of hand! I do know that the world has warmed up and cooled down over the years many, many times.

Trouble is, the lefty fascists want only their own views to prevail and they will be deceitful in rubbishing truth, conjecture, or just wonderment, if it doesn't suit their cause.

Robin McKie! Your journalism is not worthy of the name!


So what if a TV crew rounded up some esteemed scientists that don't believe global warming is man made / CO2 is responsible. Global warming is a scientific theory, and like all scientific theories (including gravity) it's only possible to disprove it, not prove it. The overwelming majority of esteemed scientists in this area do believe that the CO2 man is releasing is having an affect on global temperatures

Then there's worrying chain reactions like man made CO2 causes a small increase in temperature, which then causes Siberian marsh lands to thaw slightly, which then causes a huge natural release of methane, causing more global warming triggered by us.

To deny global warming means you must be quiet a confident gambler, as the consequences of getting it wrong mean that your kids and grand kids will live in awful times.

Umm! I'm not denying anything or trying to prove something, if that's the message. I'm advocating that we have a balanced debate and don't slag off those we don't agree with!

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