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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A New House of Horrors!

The House of Commons has just voted for a completely (100%) elected second chamber. They want rid of all the current membership of the House of Lords. So, out with the bishops, out with the law lords, out with the crossbenchers, et al. This will be a dreary affair! No more rigorous scrutiny. No more erudite thinking. Just party placemen and women! Oh what a world!

Apparently we are going to be asked to vote simultaneously in this new election with the great and the good seeking election to the European Parliament. But why would I or anyone else want to vote into a Senate of Sorts people who wouldn't want to stand for election to the House of Commons. Are we to support people who have just filled up the lists. Will it be an open list system? Probably not. So if you don't like the guy at the top of the list for your preferred party, tough cookies!

We will get people knocking on the door seeking our votes to get into this place. What will they know about scrutinising bills? Diddly squat, I'd say. And will they be doing it out of a sense of duty or will they expect a massive salary plus a shagpile carpet in the office? It'll get worse.

How will independently minded people be elected? They won't. My suggestion is to vote for the Monster Raving Loonies on the basis that they will be the only ones capable of spotting the flaws in the stuff coming from the Commons. Don't let us kid ourselves. This isn't democracy as its being peddled. You can bet your bottom dollar/euro/pound that the lists of the main three parties will contain people pliant and willing. That is until they start to flex their muscles and demand a more balanced relationship with the Commons.

As Sir Patrick Cormack said yesterday in the House, this will mean everything is up for grabs, even the Parliament Act. And all this because people talk of patronage. If we hadn't got such a cheesy Prime Minister who basically flouted his own law on election funding (loans instead of gifts, indeed - who's he trying to fool?), we probably wouldn't be here.

In this new House of Horrors what role does the Queen play. "Just wear a nice dress, dear!" is what Jack Straw will say. Her Majesty will sit on an MDF chair, staring at the assembled crowd "What do I call you?". Oh, the Leader of the House forgot to tell her.

It's a sad day if this pantomime ever comes into existence.


I agree in many respects. The 100% elected Lords support is a reaction to cash for peerages. The system is not totally at fault in the Lords, it works well in many ways, it is Tony Blairs missuses of it that are at fault.

Also every time their is a landslide in the commons we will more than likey see it repeated in the Lords, giving government even more power and fewer checks and balances. How can that be good?

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