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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Police chief flouts traffic law!

Tut! Tut! What was he thinking? "Oh, doesn't matter, I can get away with it!" And only days after the law was strengthened. Nobody is above the law. However, doesn't it seem sad that these days there is precious little regard for community responsibility. It is permeating society at all levels.

Last night on ITV1, the Tonight with Trevor McDonald show highlighted how the hand held speed cameras could possibly be faulty. Those who watched will no doubt be amazed at the truculant arrogance of the Association of Chief Police Officers, who are adamant there is nothing inherently wrong with them. Apparently it is OK for this machine to be used up to 3000 feet away and in all weathers. I think Ken Jones, the ACPO President, and his chums should try it out for themselves. Put their time, if not their money, where their mouths are!

Claims have been made by motorists that the LTI20:20 speed gun is seriously flawed. A certain Dr Michael Clark, an expert in laser technology, believes that the device can be prone to error. So come on Ken, let's see all this fantastic data you got proving him wrong.

What is at stake here is that citizens of Britain are not convicted of offences they did not commit just because ACPO does not wish to see a cash cow given the abattoir treatment. So, if you don't have faith in Ken Jones' penalty points bonanza, get in touch with these people - PePiPoo is the place to be.

Is our police service fit for purpose and truthful and honest? We need to know!


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