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Thursday, March 15, 2007

What Not To Wear!

A Muslim woman decided to venture into a sauna, complete with full hijab and ankle length robes. Nobody seemed bothered that she could overheat in such cirumstances. She then apparently dived into the pool afterwards. Political correctness rendered those in charge at the fitness centre, David Lloyd Leisure, utterly incapable of remonstrating with her.

Thankfully, there are wiser counsels in the land. Taj Hargey, chairman of the Muslim Educational Centre in Oxford, said: “Wearing a veil is nothing to do with Islam, it is a cultural tradition. People should have appropriate swimwear when they come to a leisure centre. It is basic common sense.” He added the incident demonstrated a problem among some Muslim women in Britain. “They think this is their way of making a statement, but this is the worst possible statement. They are shooting themselves in the foot.”

What a wise man! Now all this leads me to think. What if someone had made this up. Decided it would be good in a book or article. You can bet the PC Fascists would be jumping up and down shouting "Racist!" and denouncing what they saw as stereotypical treatment of minorities.

I'm waiting with baited breath for one of them to come forward!


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