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Friday, April 27, 2007

David Cameron's Bishops?

A new opinion poll, according to BBC Newsnight, gives the Tories a winning streak, enabling them to muster a majority of just 6 in a new House of Commons should a nervous New Labour leader run off to the palace seeking a fresh mandate. David Cameron would be Prime Minister, with all that the position holds, including juggling two names in a hat when it comes to the choice of a new bishop in the Church of England.

In these current elections due on May 3rd, a hapless Conservative candidate in Wales has got into a spot of bother by apparently be caught saying that homosexuality is a sin. No sooner had he uttered the words, then the Conservative leadership swung into action denouncing such talk. Mr Cameron, touring the Vale of Glamorgan today, said, "He's already clarified and made clear that we should not discriminate against people on the ground of their sexuality. That is the position of the Conservative Party, we're a party that doesn't believe in discrimination." Well, Mr.Cameron, nobody I know in the Church wishes to discriminate on the grounds of sexuality. What the candidate, Darren Millar, said was that some texts in the Bible said homosexual activity was a sin. A difference!

It seems in the New Blue Party of today that remarks, which follow orthodox Christian teaching, are to be condemned, and condemned in a rather patrician manner. This all leads me to wonder what would happen, some time in the future, when Dave is sitting behind Blair's desk, and a civil servant enters with the names of the two candidates selected for appointment to a diocese. One is a liberally-minded but effective pastor, the other is a traditional cleric with a background in serving the inner cities. Both outstanding candidates it would appear.

Question is, does Dave boot out the man of traditional belief because in the New Blue Paradise the rules are now written that say such orthodoxy has no place in positions within the State?


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