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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Prescott Bows Out!

I heard on the radio that John Prescott was resigning as an MP. My heart leaped with a certain joy at the prospect of another by-election. But no. He's hanging on until the next general election. Can't think what for. They say he has been a good constituency MP. Probably he has, but as Deputy Prime Minister he was a total disaster.

The only thing he did well was standing (physically at times, apparently) between a twitchy Blair and a morose Brown. A bit like a sleeping wildebeest being awoken by an upstart jackal only for them both to be confronted by wandering hippopotamus. Animal magic indeed!

John Prescott left office with the country decidedly worse off for the fact he ever got his hands on a ministerial job. I'm waiting for the lot to go before the country rises from its stupour and mayhem ensues. I really cannot believe any sane person would vote for this lot.


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