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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Agency for Flying Saucers More Like!

I hadn't heard of this European Union quango before. It's called the European Aviation Safety Agency and is hotly seen by the pointy-heads in Brussels as the be-all and end-all of air traffic control. Another British independent policy doomed to quango-land!

This agency was deemed not fit for purpose by Ms Karen Buck, when giving evidence to the Select Committee on Transport. She seems to live up to her name by wishing to pass the buck over this issue. Let's put her on the dodgy list, as it seems she is perfectly capable of signing up to all sorts.

Conservative MEP Philip Bradbourn, the Transport Spokesman for the Conservatives in the European Parliament, has opposed proposals to extend the mandate of EASA. He will vigorously challenge the EU chancers who want to usurp the authority of the CAA in this country.

All these quangos assure us that we are heading without doubt towards a superstate. Gordon Brown can gainsay it as much as he likes, but it's coming at him (and all of us!!) like that new Eurostar train!


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