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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Trust me, I'm a doctor!

Some wag has posted this on Iain Dale's Diary!

Anonymous said...
Why do you persist in calling him DOCTOR Paisley. He has an honorary Mickey Mouse doctorate conferred on him by a non-accredited institution run by one of his friends.

In fact it was from the Bob Jones University of South Carolina and the honorary degree was conferred on Paisley by the late Bob Jones himself. The University is a haven for fundamentalist Bible page-turning types who have a view of Catholic Christendom that could well be hotter than anything Satan and his chums in Hades could come up with!
Ian Paisley isn't all bad from my personal point of view. Most people have indulged him in his "doctorate" self-styling. Some organisations do and some don't.

The Northern Ireland Assembly calls him - Ian Paisley
The Northern Ireland Executive - The Rt Hon Dr Ian R K Paisley MP MLA
The BBC - variously Mr. Paisley or Ian Paisley
Parliament - Rt Hon Ian Paisley MP

But he himself definitely describes his title as Dr Ian Paisley.


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