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Thursday, November 08, 2007

On being old in Parliament

Whilst idly surfing the net, I came across Charles Pelham Villiers. This man was MP for Wolverhampton for 63 years! He was Father of the House (well, he deserved it!) and a notable voice for free trade long before others caught on to the idea. When he died, aged 96, he was still in the House of Commons. What do they say about being old today? Good grief, Sir Menzies Campbell is a youth compared to such a person.

So long as you have your mind, isn't a bit of wisdom and maturity a tad better that youthfulness and naivete all the time?

The amazing thing about Villiers was that as he almost lived to see the 20th century he could say he entered Parliament in the reign of William IV. Some going, I'd say.


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