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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Twelve Days of Christmas?

This year Christmas started for some folks on 1st December. A neighbour was proudly sitting in his front room with plastic tree, well-bedecked lights all a-blaring. Interesting that Advent Sunday was the next day. It seems that we have had it with "Christmas-in-Advent", as now we are getting Christmas before Advent as well. Maybe he was a Northern Rock shareholder, in which case he can be forgiven!

Sainsbury's got going with the mince pies just before September 25th!! Silly of them really, because they were discounting like mad two weeks before. I got some festive stilton at half price and a really decent green pineapple for 50p! (I had to get it scanned three times to get the advertised bargain!!). I wonder what they must think of us in the pineapple farms wanting them green!

So we are halfway through the festive season of Christmas. Twelve days to be precise, but most people think it's all over. Well, the sales are on, the new sofa must be on its way. This is the new retail epiphany. The three wise men always get there too soon, especially in shop windows.

What of the real Epiphany? Will it be forgotten again?


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