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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Parted-at-birth twins got married

This piece of revelatory news comes hard on the heels of a story about twins parted at birth who met up after 35 years apart. In both cases, neither twin new of the other's existence as a sibling. It also follows on from the case where a judge granted a mother the right to have her daughter adopted without the father having any rights to know where the child was going. Secrecy in all this is all very wrong. Almost every human being is desirous to know where their roots lie, usually more so if they were adopted.

DNA has provided all sorts of benefits, but in the world of casual relationships, divorce, adoption, and general family breakdown, is it any wonder that the possibility of marrying your own sister or brother looms large? Apparently in Britain up to 3 million men may not know that they are NOT the father of their child(ren). Sobering thought, but one with potentially damaging and emotional consequences. In this matter, the men are never equal with the women. A woman always knows she's the mother of the child or not.

So the twins that got married have had their marriage annulled. We are not told what has happened since but that is probably best.


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