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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dead man lay under sofa for 10 years!

I'm forgetful, but if a pal of mine stayed stuffed under the sofa for 10 years I'd think it might just jolt my memory. But then I haven't got mental problems as such. Life can be bizarre at times.

Alan Derek, 68, who has admitted to having "mental problems", kept the body of his pal hidden under an upturned sofa. His pal, whom he'd given a room to as a lodger, apparently just died whilst sitting on the sofa TEN years ago. Alan must have panicked, fearing the council would evict him for having a lodger, and just turned the sofa upside down with the body of his pal underneath.

Neighbours complained for years about the stench coming from the flat. Council officials did nothing. You'd think someone would have had an inkling that the foul odour was worth investigating. The thing that springs to my mind is that many council officials think that social housing people should just get on with their privations and poverty, so long as they don't default on rent or cause trouble in the streets.

Now Bristol City Council has launched an investigation into the death. Nothing much to investigate, I'd say. These investigations, reviews, commissions, call them what you like are there to save the faces of the bureaucrats.

The only real investigation is to see whether Alan Derek is suffering from a severe rhinitis condition. If the stink was that great, he needs a nose job complete with a whole new olfactory system!


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