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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Heathrow Greenpeace protesters bailed

The Greenpeace protesters, who yesterday climbed on the tail of a British Airways plane, have been released on bail. Police arrested them on "suspicion" of criminal damage (scratching the paintwork?) and of being in a restricted area. The latter is more critical. BAA have a very casual approach to security, it seems. The trouble is the place is like a rabbit warren. Given also that most people working there are too busy or reluctant to bother with checking up on "strangers" it is relatively easy to get through for the determined person.

The Government cracks down on occasions, with restrictions on hand luggage, but the real problem isn't the holidaymaker or businessman, it's the vast army of transient workers, with large numbers of agency staffers. Adam isn't known to Eve in the place, at times. BAA always talks of how wonderful everything is, but these events keep reminding us how wrong they are!

The only thing that prevents a would-be terrorist from getting to a plane is the fact that there are deterrents, such as the profiling and screening. But there appear to be precious few positive procedures to stop those masquerading as staff from getting through.

It will now be up to a judge to determine whether this was so serious as to warrant a hefty sentence or that it was something of little significance other than a publicity stunt. We await the findings!


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