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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mitt Romney "suspends" his White House bid!

I not sure what Mitt Romney means by suspending his presidential campaign, because he won't get back in the race this time. He's out, and that's the message. He never really looked like a winner, but was fancied by quite a few. Huckabee on the other hand is proving to be quite a shrewd operator. I would hope he stays in.

Every commentator, from the US networks to the BBC, is parading John McCain as the nominee in all but name. But they are into wishful thinking mode. This is not over yet, and I hear the fat lady is only just entering the theatre, so the singing hasn't even started yet! No, this is going all the way to the convention. Why? Because John McCain is not yet a proven uniter of the Republican Party. He only gets one third of the popular vote. And in caucus meetings he has been trumped in many contests.

This is going to being a brokered convention. My guess is that Ron Paul is going to be focusing on McCain's weak spots. His new version of the 100 Years' War, his lack of understanding in economic matters, and his previous interest in being on a Democratic ticket. Ron Paul will now be heard more and more. The debates will become far more interesting. And when Ron Paul is heard, wow! it get's the voters thinking.

Mike Huckabee will take up quite a few of Romney's supporters, so will not want to duck out now. Why should he, because he was laughed out of court last week and proved the talking heads wrong. So will Ron Paul prove them wrong. McCain cannot guarantee this contest. And the longer he has to fight for it, the more his position will unravel. And his mother won't need to hold her nose!

It may well come to a very different conclusion. It may well be Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee together. It's not that far fetched!


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