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Thursday, February 21, 2008

When a New Labour lie is just "in good faith"!

David Miliband takes the biscuit sometimes. He has now admitted two US "extraordinary rendition" flights landed on UK territory in 2002. New Labour always protested their innocence on this one, no doubt not wanting to upset George Bush, a man known to play fast and loose, not only with democracy but human rights also. Tony Blair never thought these flights wrong. Partly because his New Labour denial mechanism told him so. I do hope the Roman Catholic Church is teaching him the difference between right and wrong!

Miliband said he was "very sorry" to have to say that previous denials, made in "good faith", were now having to be corrected. He said the flights had only come to light after a US records search and said the US shared the UK's regret. Oh, my my! And all this after Amnesty International, the churches, nearly the whole political opposition to New Labour and countless other people were asking what was what and when was when.

Quite frankly, I don't believe Miliband. A weasel would be more honest in describing the facts!


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