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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

American Airlines takes FIVE on transatlantic flight!

Yes, no bumping off or bumping up on this flight. There were fewer passengers than flight attendants. I've been to Atlanta on a half-empty Air France flight from Paris and had two lunches into the bargain. These guys must have been spoilt for choice. And able to stretch out. Did they pay economy and get to be in business, I wonder?

Environmentalists are up in arms about the flight from Chicago to London. Whilst I agree it seems silly to put five passegers on such a flight, the airline has a point in saying that they were going to take a plane load back to Chicago. Sometimes I think the green lobby moves into zealotry territory and makes itself look foolish.

No airline wants to waste money, and I hardly think AA has the desire to do so. Richard Dyer, Friends of the Earth's transport campaigner said, "Flying virtually empty planes is an obscene waste of fuel." Maybe, but you can't always get the right number of people to fly on a particular day.

Maybe Mr. Dyer wants all flights grounded or he wants a New Labour style Flying On Particular Days Agency set up. That way, he could manipulate things wonderfully!


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