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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Man spends 18 hours in police cell and has his DNA taken for 'dropping an apple core'

The Daily Mail has a really horrendous story about how a man got into trouble from meeting an over-zealous PCSO with a stubby pen and a wad of tickets. Keith Hirst was banged up in jail simply because he protested at how he was treated. He said yesterday he would fight to clear his name in a case which could leave him with a criminal record and cost taxpayers thousands of pounds. "The way I was treated you would have thought I had robbed a bank," he said. "My family are law-abiding people and I would help if I saw a gang of yobs attacking a police officer. This kind of incident does not help in improving relations between the community and police." I agree entirely.

I cannot understand why the police seem totally oblivious to certain crimes and testosteronely crazy about others. Is it because they have gone from being a police force to a police service? A service which has to make money? There's not much income to be made from catching petty thieves but being petty about other things is a bit of a money-spinner.

Superintendent Ian Palmer, of Greater Manchester Police, said, "Littering is an offence. We work tirelessly to ensure the streets are not only safe but also clean." I agree with clean streets, but Mr.Palmer, give your brain an MOT, because picking on people without a shred of common sense being used is going to alienate the community not make them want to help you.

And Mr.Palmer, remember we pay your wages. It's not the other way round!


If you reported to the police that you had accidentally dropped your wallet somewhere... could you be done for littering? So, is there a absolute legal definition of litter? Bouncing a ball ...litter... no it isn't... litter... no it isn't etc. I intend to use these examples in my next defence.

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