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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Armed police held down innocent man on train and put a gun to his head!

In another story of the "If you have done nothing wrong you've nothing to fear" department, here comes one describing a disturbing day out for one young man.

As the Daily Mail reports "Guns pointing at his head, a train passenger is forced to lie face-down on the platform in a dramatic police swoop. Officers then dragged him to his feet and frogmarched him away to be searched and interrogated. Minutes later, however, he was released without charge after it became clear that they had seized entirely the wrong man."

Luckily they didn't shoot him. Dorset Police have shrugged off the incident. They don't appear that concerned. Pity. I like the stoical remark "'Inquiries into the circumstances of the arrest are continuing. No shots were fired and no one was injured." So that's OK then.

I still think all this gives us an impression of policing on the cheap, lack of proper intelligence, and a police service driven by crazy results charts. Let's remember its a service, not a bonus-led, profit-making plc!

In the comments from the Mail's report, Andy from Essex helpfully says "It's the way it has to be. Well done to the Police." If you ever find yourself face down on the sweet-smelling floor of Liverpool Street station, Andy, be sure to compliment the officers, won't you?


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