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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bushes must stay to hide gay couples

What a world! The UK went to great lengths to accommodate homosexuality. What people do in private is of no concern to others, so long as it is all consensual. However, for some this is not enough. In Bristol there is a rumpus over some bushes and the gay couples who hide amongst them.

Most visitors to a popular beauty spot would welcome overgrown bushes being cut back. But the council has had to tread carefully after being told that to some members of the gay community, the dense undergrowth was something to be protected. Removing it would discriminate against the gay men who use the area for outdoor sex, campaigners claimed.

Today most people are asking why on earth they need to go outside for sex anyway. Surely they have places to go like anyone else? In any event, public displays of sexual activity are illegal in England - for any kind of sexual preference! It's what the police call "lewd activity".

The whole point here, though, is that Bristol City Council is wasting valuable time even discussing the matter. I'd say, bugger the discrimination taunt, just cut the bushes back. Why should people lawfully walking in a beauty spot have to be confronted with such stuff.

Oh, and the PC Thought Police have been at it again, I see. Last year four firefighters were disciplined for allegedly disturbing a group of men at night by shining their torches into the bushes on the Downs. After complaints that their actions were homophobic, the four senior officers from Avon Fire Service were fined and transferred to other stations.

So illegal activity is OK but the Thought Police's brand new world must stand tall? All very sad!


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