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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gene Robinson thinks Archbishop's position 'untenable'

The Bishop of New Hampshire, Gene Robinson, who is openly gay, thinks that the Archbishop of Canterbury is in an "almost untenable" position as he tries to retain unity in the Church. He may well be right. I agree with Gene Robinson on this point. That we should all try to stick together rather than divide.

Today at mass, our parish priest said, " Don't get too upset. Just let things develop. The Good lord has brought us this far, let's see where He leads us". I'm not talking of leaving, or going off in high dudgeon. But I would like a bit more give and take.
I told a fellow parishioner that, if dinner invites were being given out, I'd be quite happy to sit alongside Gene rather than a person keen to see my views and belief obliterated. I may disagree with the Bishop of New Hampshire, but I don't doubt his sincerity, charity, and ability to rub along with those who find his position difficult to accept or to believe in.
He appeared on the Andrew Marr show today.