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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Vatican spells it out to the sacrament busters!

The Vatican has issued a statement following last night's vote in General Synod. It is not surprising. Those in the Church of England who put current social mores before church unity and the Catholic Faith are really acting as independent Christians.

The Vatican says -

We have regretfully learned of the Church of England vote to pave the way for the introduction of legislation which will lead to the ordaining of women to the Episcopacy.

The Catholic position on the issue was clearly expressed by Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II. Such a decision signifies a breaking away from the apostolic tradition maintained by all of the Churches since the first millennium, and therefore is a further obstacle for the reconciliation between the Catholic Church and the Church of England.

This decision will have consequences on the future of dialogue, which had up until now born fruit, as Cardinal Kasper had clearly explained when he spoke on June 5 2006 to all of the bishops of
the Church of England at the invitation of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Cardinal has been invited once again to express the Catholic position at the next Lambeth Conference at the end of July.

Not only is it the position of the Vatican, but that of the Orthodox, traditional Anglicans within and without the Anglican Communion and many Old Catholics and Lutherans. In the scheme of things, its a minority belief to desire to alter the sacraments in such a manner.


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