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Friday, September 12, 2008

Life and death matters for Palin

I'm currently a bit fixated with Sarah Palin. Not in any morally dubious way. Rather that she is seen as espousing "values". Having just read up on her she appears to be the traditional "quite contrary" Christian evangelical with conservative opinions.

She is "pro-life", which means she is against abortion but for the killing of certain prisoners. She is "pro-gun", which means she is against gun control but for the keeping of personal arsenals. She is "pro-oil and natural gas resource development" which means she is for oil exploration and against endangered species protection.

Matthew Wright on the Wright Stuff said, "I like her. She shoots animals", giving a cheeky grin to the camera. That's the odd thing about Christian fundamentalists. They seem to have guns and God and life and love and sex and sin all a bit mixed up. Shooting animals and electrocuting wrongdoers sits quite easily with a selective view of the sanctity of life.

I still have difficulties with the Republican ticket. It seems odd that a self-professed Creationist would want to let Alaska fall into the hands of those that might dispoil that very Creation she believes in. I've got more thinking to do!


mmmmmm, wasn't it the British that allowed the killing of the Aborigines in Australia. Isn't it the British that are stripping the peat and coal and poluting the air with the nauseous gasses, turning everything sooty. Wasn't it the British that looted and stripped India of it's gold and jewels. I believe that the British are sucking oil off the western coast, under the water and claiming it for their own. Isn't it the British that are desimating the cod fisheries of their western shores to the point that they are forcing fisherman to sell their boats, only to have them cut up for scrap so that they can no longer fish. Wasn't it the British that were killing Zulu warriors however in 1879 they nearly wiped out the invading British army with spears and shield. Maybe you don't remember how you were tossed out of the US in the biggest tea party ever in Boston. Isn't it BP (British Petroleum) Alaska, that was not doing the maintenance on the Alaskan Pipeline and the corrosion had eatten through the pipe and contaminated the ground. Sarah Palin speaks for Alaskans and we support her, so don't throw stones. Britians greed, theivery has stripped the world of many precious things. America is the only country that is willing to take a stand against terrorists and other countries that invade, kill and rapes innocent people. You send your token few to help, but it is only that, token few. Before you put down Sarah Palin, think, where are these resources located, not by your door.

Two things come to mind! Alaskans have long memories, it seems and I've touched a raw nerve!

Two wrongs don't make a right may be the answer.

The rattle of Noraid collecting tins in Irish bars in New York and across the United States prior to 11/9/01 when the reality of bombing came home is evidence of the relative novelty of the American stand against terrorism. How many British soldiers and civilians were murdered with guns and explosives bought with American money donated because of romantic ideas of a revolution against the Redcoats? I'm glad the Americans have taken over the job of international policeman from Britain but annoyed that they claim to have invented it.

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