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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mandelson's comeback causes outrage

As it sinks in, the shock of knowing that Peter Mandelson is back in the cabinet, we are all taking stock. The poor wretches in the DTI, or whatever it is now, were filmed looking shellshocked as their revisiting boss grinned and simpered in front of them. If they are feeling a tad weasy what about the rest of us?

Gordon Brown is a desperate man. To have such a character back in the fold is very peculiar. Either he is gifted and insightful, or he is just barking. Brown never really comes across as capable of "mixing" except with those especially close to him. He must have been agonising over the decision.

I fear it will cause him problems, and all of us for that matter. Mandelson can be given some credit for saying he's not a quitter. But he has a track record for backstabbing, briefing against people and generally living up to his Mr Sleaze title. That title now, of course, is Lord Sleaze. He's had two public chunkings-out from the cabinet. He'll be well advised to heed Ronnie Barker's chararacter Norman Stanley Fletcher, when he said "Keep your nose clean, do your time". Mandelson's time will end when the electorate chucks the whole sorry lot out. (I'm glad that creepy Des Browne's gone!)


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