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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sent to Coventry? They've got feral birds!

Coventry City council is the latest council to display an explemplary jobsworth demeanour. If anyone wants a career in local government then it seems a heady conconcoction of political correctness, liberally mixed with a feeling for red tape and an inability to grasp common sense is high up on the CV requirements.

A woman has been feeding birds in her back garden. MAJOR CRIME! Some "person" reported her to the council. They wrote a stuffy letter talking about her feeding of feral birds and possible court action. Feral birds? Are these really feral? Another example of the Humpty Dumpty world of the local busybody, making words mean what you want them to mean.

I thought of feral council officials, but then none of them could possibly be feral. They are all tamed to the enth degree. Never let out unless on a politically correct leash. No, there are no feral council officials today.

So what are these feral birds then? Did Mrs Coton, the woman in question, have a managerie bigger than Noah's Ark but then let the creatures loose onto the unsuspecting neighbours? I don't think so.

It all goes to show that people in so-called authority these days are showing a paucity of common sense. Perhaps she's been watching Mary Poppins too much? There were feral birds in that film. Oh, and Alfred Hitchcock made good use of feral birds.

Come on Coventry City Council. You've got a jobsworth who needs a bit more training. Has he/she never heard of WILD BIRDS?


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