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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Henry Allingham RIP

Henry Allingham lived to be 113 and become the world's oldest man. If one lives that long the world changes considerably. However, men like Henry never change in their core beliefs or their approach to human relationships. He appeared to be a decent man at all times.

There are not many people living today who were born into the reign of Queen Victoria. He saw so much change and he was able to appreciate it to the end, which is a godsend in itself. Much has been written about him and anyone who lives that long is revered and respected by others. Wikipedia has a lot about him plus loads of relevant links.

I have to admit that recently, each time his name was mentioned, I thought, well, it must be anytime now, surely. Not wishing him away, but general curiosity about life and death. I will always remember a radio programme that Michael Buerk did a few years ago on Radio4. It was a summer break thing for Any Questions?. As with that programme, people were encouraged to phone in for a discussion. A 92-year old did just that. Buerk was asking him something, then suggested that a man of such an age could "go tomorrow", so why was he so concerned (in typical Michael Buerk blooper fashion!). The reply came back, like bullet from a gun, "I'm well aware of that, you know!" and then, in sprightly fashion, went on to say what he thought the government should do about whatever the subject was.

That exchange will stick with me. Because it doesn't matter what age you are, you should be interested in things, involved as far as you can be. I think those who just give up are more likely to have a less full-filling life and "go" earlier than they might. Of course, good health has everything to do with it. Henry Allingham just died of extreme old age it seems. I don't know at what age you start to think each morning when you wake up, "My goodness, I'm still alive!", but it must have crossed Henry Allingham's mind. Just when you wake up, mind, not for the whole day. He said life was for living. It is, and he lived it well by all accounts.


Henry Allingham became a member of the Ton Class Association back when he was 109. He soon became an inspiration to all exsevice personnel who met him and for those who did they were astonished by his remarkable stories and achievements through his life time.The friends that looked after him it his later years Dennis and Brenda Goodwin should be highly coomended for their devotion to this special person. All of us admire Henry as he was an inspiration to us all.

It has been a pleasure knowing you.
Our thoughts go out to the Family and friends who were extremley close. You will be a talking point for a very long time. R.I.P. Dennis Cook Membership Secretary Ton Class Association World Wide.

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