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Friday, July 17, 2009

Kay Burley brands colleague 'staggeringly sexist' live on air

Kay Burley may be Sky News star female anchor, but I find she is ever so off putting. There are several female news reporters and studio presenters on Sky who are both professional and natural. However Ms Burley can be prickly and moody. Nick Powell, a sports reporter, found himself on the rough edge of her tongue today.

I hardly think what he said was sexist. It was an opinion. Even if she was of a different mind, she could have rebuked him in a less haughty and confrontational way. It has been said that Ms Burley is sensitive about her maturing years. I'd not bother about age, but she would be well advised to stop her practise of peaking a look from under her fringe like a teenage girl infatuated with a new boy on the block. It may impress MPs but for viewing purposes it can be a trifling annoying.

I bet that sounds sexist. I'd say it was my opinion.


Oh yet another presumptuous, self-centred airhead presenter huh? Oh my god, im getting old and I cant stand it. Get a grip woman!

I think its had an effect on other male presenters. They are definitely responding to news items with such as "mustn't go there!".

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