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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stormy Daniels senate race hots up

When Stormy Daniels, porn star of repute, said she was running for the US Senate many scoffed. They thought it was all a publicity stunt. They admitted that her intended opponent, incumbent David Vitter, was damaged goods but they were sure that the Democrats would find someone to run against him. Daniels, they suggested, was a no-hoper. Her supporters begged to differ and she embarked on a listening tour.

Things are moving up a notch or two. Daniels is still in the race and the name of Democrat Charlie Melancon of Napoleonville is being touted around. Apparently he needs a good bit of touting. From what I can gather, Melancon is someone likely to repeat the same porkbarrel business in the senate. A fight between Vitter as the Republican and Melancon as the Democrat could see Daniels coming up through the middle, in a manner of speaking.

Louisiana is in for some fun and games!


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