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Saturday, July 04, 2009

What a gay day!

Today sees a march of gay pride through London with various dignatories clamouring to be seen and heard indicating their support for the march and all it holds dear. I wonder how many would run to join the tail end of a straight pride march if any such thing was conceived?

I find the whole thing rather negative. It does not help that the stereotypical camp gays will be the ones that the press will photograph. The whole thing is not about so-called gay pride but about making those who have views on homosexuality that do not fit it with the new order silent and marginalised. Listening to the likes of Chris Bryant, a man who posed in his underpants on a gay website, criticising the Conservative Party is distasteful in itself.

We appear to be moving into the realms of a fascist-style thought approval mode. Ben Bradshaw, a man who was involved once in producing a homoerotic "prayer book" and, like Chris Bryant, is acting like a gay Trojan horse in the Church, attacks the Conservative Party and says "a deep strain of homophobia still exists on the Conservative benches". This implies that those who disagree with his gay mantra should be silenced.

I consider the bandying about of the word homophobia (itself a non-word) with such loose reason is itself an insult. Alan Duncan is a Shadow Cabinet member. He happens to be gay. He is in a civil partnership. I have not heard that being "discussed". Duncan says of the Labour tirade, "This is the last gasp of Labour's desperation. Bradshaw and Bryant are simply trying to stir up hatred and division from the last century and it's both unwarranted and unworthy. It's simply untrue. I believed we had reached the happy point where politics had been taken out of this altogether. But these remarks show that Labour is actually the nasty party. I have publicly paid tribute to Tony Blair for his achievements, particularly on introducing civil partnerships. David Cameron this week said that on section 28 we had to admit we got it wrong. The party has changed. I bet in Labour backwaters there are plenty of people who don't like the fact that Ben Bradshaw is gay." Now all that is true.

There was a time when homosexuals could be blackmailed. The blackmailer would suggest that exposure to the criminal justice system would end a glittering career or a happy marriage. Most caring thoughtful people found this utterly distasteful and wanted the law changed. I have no sympathy with blackmailers. It is the lowest form of financial crime. In fact, the current crop of banking spivs could not stoop so low. However, it is one thing to give fairness of treatment to people. It is quite another to denigrate in a nasty way those people who disagree with you.

Ben Bradshaw and Chris Bryant appear to be raising a rallying flag. In their sights are those they call "homophobes". These are those who hold to traditional church teaching, those who consider homosexual practice incompatible with family life, and others who express contrary views to the Bradshaw/Bryant thought process. The Pope is vilified in their eyes. The Church is to be attacked at every turn. We have already heard their bile over the Catholic adoption agencies.

Is it now suggested that only those who agree with this form of censorship can enter the House of Commons? Surely not! Those MPs who, in conscience, cannot subscribe to promoting this "gay agenda" will need all the courage at their disposal because this un-Christian duo will be attempting to make their lives hell.


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