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Monday, August 24, 2009

BNP in membership legal fight

The powers-that-be are after the BNP. What for exactly? They want, in the form of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, to force the BNP to drop its ethnic restrictions on membership entry. Basically the BNP stands for what they describe as "The indigenous British ethnic groups deriving from the class of 'Indigenous Caucasian' consists of members of: i) the Anglo-Saxon folk community; ii) the Celtic Scottish folk community; iii) the Scots-Northern Irish folk community; iv) the Celtic Welsh folk community; v) the Celtic Irish folk community; vi) the Celtic Cornish folk community; vii) the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic folk community; viii) the Celtic-Norse folk community; ix) the Anglo-Saxon-Norse folk community; x) the Anglo-Saxon Indigenous European folk community; xi) members of these ethnic groups which reside either within or outside Europe but ethnically derive from them." In a nutshell, white Brits with something to be bothered about from an ethnic point of view.

Harriet Harman is all in a lather about this. She's got loads of non-white people desperate to join the BNP. In her fantasies! What is the point of opening up the BNP membership to non-whites? Is there a black man or woman in the whole of the United Kingdom that is so desperate to join? If there is, they'd have to have the hide of rhinerocerous and the mental agility of a top mensa member. This is not about that. It's about the Equalities people trying to force the BNP to implode without actually banning it. Knowing that currently around one million UK voters are supportive of the BNP policies, the government prefers stealth to serious debate.

I'd suggest that, if the BNP is forced to change its rules, the next thing will be descrimination lawsuits from black and asian members unable to attend meetings or whatever. All it will do is pitch white against black. If Harriet Harman had an ounce of sense in her brain, she would tackle the root causes that give succour to the BNP. That is having a clueless policy on immigration, a clueless policy on housing and a clueless policy on social cohesion.

Interestingly the Nation Black Police Asociation, which you'd think was for black people, isn't necessarily so. No, it's just "black" politically. As they helpfully point out on their website "The definition of "Black" does not refer to skin colour". So what does it refer to? Whatever you want it to mean, I suppose. And the Black Business Association in the Midlands is only open to "people of African or African Caribbean origin". I wonder if white Africans can join? Plenty of white Zimbabweans here.

The whole thing is nonsense. I have nothing against any group forming an association. I'm not rushing off to try and get into any of these ethnically-based organisations. And what harm is there in them? When it comes to the BNP, the government should get its head out of the sand and start to debate with them, start to create a proper environment whereby such views are marginalised. All that Harriet Harman is doing is creating the foundations for more tension not less.


we have to respet the ethnic groups, they are the best represents of our cultural identity.

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