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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Street fighting in Harrow

It seems to me that the English Defence League as they call themselves are no more than a rabble. Their central point may have some validity, that it is not right for people to come out on the streets to jeer at the bodies of returning soldiers or to stand on street corners preaching hate. However, any coherent message they may have is totally lost when about 50 shaven-headed protesters see fit to taunt and bait Muslims en masse outside a mosque. That is rather like pouring oil on troubled waters, or more likely high octane petrol.

I checked out the English Defence League. Their website has a forum. When I clicked on they had a Google ad for the "International Muslim Matrimonial Site!". A smiling girl in a hijab appears. Apparently you can "Browse Photos Now!".

So all's well in love and war, is it?


The big problem being that as far as I know the English Defence league had actually called off their march. In fact their website claims that non of their members were involved in trouble I suggest you have a look at Here, Here and Here

I'm not suggesting the EDF are saints, but it does seem that in this case they aren't to blame, rather it is the UAF and Islamic Extremists who were to blame today rather than (as the establishment would have you believe) the right wing (now there's a misnomer) EDF

I have looked there and see that the EDF march was called off. It really boils down to the fact that the government has no clue what to do about Islamic extremism. I would rather John Denham did something positive. All the negative comments just add fuel to the fire.

Yes, leave us alone and keep us safe from Islam

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