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Monday, October 19, 2009

BNP debate 'illegal', warns Peter Hain

Police carry off a potential troublemaker!Peter Hain is scrabbling around in the gutter trying to curry favour with every anti-democratic faction going. He's got apoplexy because the BBC has invited Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP and now an MEP, onto Question Time.

Hain's trumpeting the "fact" that the BNP is illegal. No more illegal than half the stuff he's been involved in. The man is a veritable plonker!!

The BBC has a duty to be impartial. It is absolutely right that the BNP is involved if a level of British people see fit to go out and vote in their dodgy candidates. Democracy throws up the rough with the smooth. All that the salivating Hain is doing is helping the BNP cause. So he's threatening to take the BBC to court!

The BNP is not illegal as far as the courts are concerned, or as far as the government is, or the Electoral Commission. Let this pompous prat waste his time in court on a frivolous legal challenge. My advice to all democrats is to debate with the BNP and take on the arguments.


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