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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Harriet Harman to be prosecuted for careless driving!

Careless driving, eh? Following on from careless expense calculating and careless politicking. She is alleged to have been driving without due care and attention and driving while using a mobile phone. She "strongly refutes the allegations and will deny the charges". Umm! Does she now.

If she has been falsely accused, then I'd be the first to back her to the hilt. There are many who have had to endure falsehoods without the ability or resources to establish the truth. If she is found guilty, then it is a very bad example indeed of arrogance and an above-the-law attitude.

Every day I see mobile phones being used. There is an exceptance by quite a few that it doesn't matter and that they won't get caught. Good examples of perpetual law breakers are delivery van drivers. I see them most mornings. It is quite outrageous that household name businesses should be letting their employees loose on the roads without a hands-free kit.

Harriet Harman knows the law. The Crown Prosecution Service has said there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest to prosecute. Yes, they should prosecute. Not because it's her, but because this activity (alleged in this case) is both anti-social and potentially life threatening. And it will be a lesson to all arrogant drivers who abuse other road users through attitude and high-mindedness that their minority actions are actually not tolerated.


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