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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Snowed in and snowed out

Britain is in the grip of a snowstorm. Grip is a word much favoured by the media. It helps to send a feeling of helplessness over the poor British pysche. Rather like Private Fraser in Dad's Army "We're all doomed I tell you!", the council executives up and down the land are preparing for a period of battening down the hatches rather than attempting to deal with the situation.

On the Today Programme it was trumpeted as being the "worst weather in 100 years", "nothing like it before" and such nonsense. I wonder where they were in the sixties or late forties. Of course all this paranoia is just so they can excuse the fact that they don't have the necessary preparations in hand. Chief executives are paid a king's ransom but deliver paupers' promises when it comes to wintry weather conditions.

I'm quite prepared to walk to school tomorrow with my children only to find the schools closed because the teachers got stuck somewhere or they were told to stay home in the warm. What a world! David Cameron says that if elected he will get us out of this mess. Well, first off he could get rid of all the backsliders and excuse merchants and get a load of people in who do know what to do when it snows!


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