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Saturday, February 13, 2010

From Bombay to the BNP

It strikes me that certain people, whatever their background, have a propensity to think they know better than others when it comes to an opinion on racial matters. We have the prize example of Trevor Phillips, head of the Equalities Quango, going off to the courts in the hope of giving the BNP a fatal dose of legal judgement. He was hoping that the law would assist him in getting the BNP to implode. It backfired. All it did was to get the BNP writing him endless letters asking what he intends to do about the National Black Police Association and their non-white membership criterion. This is now being used by the BNP as a bit of propaganda.

So the BNP welcomes ethnic minority members and the more fired up they are against Muslims the better. Take Rajinder Singh, who is in his late 70s, and is quite open about his criticism of Muslims. He thinks they acquire a collective identity. "The Muslim answer to reasoned argument is knife, dagger and bomb," he says, neatly lumping them all in a collective identity. So he's going to do well in stirring things up.

Now I've long known that deep-seated resentments emanating from the sub-continent can flare up like a latent volcano. I've witnessed first hand a verbal insult session between a Muslim and a Hindu. Not a pretty sight. Only today I read in the Daily Mail (must be true!) that a BT customer who is of Pakistani background came in for a tongue-lashing from a BT call centre worker in India. He was called a 'Pakistani b******' and a 'mother****** and bombarded with hundreds of sinister silent calls. India is full of people keen to give others a bit of racial abuse. Egged on by the BJP, they have a go at the likes of McDonalds for opening hamburger restaurants, they round up Christians and others for being so-called "non-Indian" and they encourage the PC sycophants in the BBC to accept their name changes for cities like Bombay.

Racists are all over the world. It's a kind of base level one-upmanship. But surely we are above the level of dogs sniffing bottoms in the park. I've seen that too. A disparate group - a poodle, a Jack Russel, an odd cur and an overweight bitch. All seems sweetness and light until one sniff too many and all hell lets loose with teeth bared and a canine punch-up is in full flow.

If we kept the PC brigade and the racists at bay perhaps we might all get along quite nicely.


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